Through the course of Freedom Fighters you will find a variety of weapons in the world to help you repel the Soviet invaders.

Monkey WrenchEdit

This is the very first weapon you find in the game, you first use it to beat a Soviet soldier to death in a Apartment Block hallway, freeing many hostages, along with the mysterious 'Mr Jones'. It has a good attack and can be used for more stealthy kills, but loses almost all use later in the game except for opening manhole covers and prison gates.


After you escape to the roof along with Jones, who kills an unsuspecting Soviet Soldier allowing you to climb up and claim the pistol for yourself, as soon as you run along a second roof a Soviet Helicopter deploys troops, allowing you to kill them at your leisure. It is a fairly weak weapon, useful only in tight situations in the game were you may run out of ammunition for a specialized weapon. It holds a 17 round magazine with a maximum carrying capacity of 60 rounds and resembles the Beretta M9 pistol, a side-arm that is not standard issue in the Russian military.

Assault RifleEdit


A standard issue kit piece found with both rebels and Russians alike, the assault rifle is a direct descendant of the original AK-47 and serves as the standard infantry rifle of the Soviet Armed Forces. It is either an AK-74, the 47's replacement in Soviet service starting in 1974, or an AK-101 or AK-103, both of which were designed and adopted in the 1990s's. A reliable all-purpose rifle, the assault rifle can be found at the Post Office and the Police Precinct early in the game, and appears constantly until the end. The assault rifle has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds and a carrying capacity of 180 rounds. Fully available to the player for use, it is used almost universally by regular Soviet troops, while stolen and captured stocks are also frequently being turned against the Soviets by Rebel forces. A few Soviet Security Forces members are seen carrying it, along with two Soviet Commandos in the cutscene that plays when Chris Stone returns to find the main Rebel base captured.



Gained at some point early in the game, this certainly packs a punch. It resembles a Colt Python[1], a likely magnum caliber and has rosewood grip panels. The revolver has high power and great accuracy, but its downside is a low rate of fire and slow reload time. Chris, Mr. Jones, and a few rebels use it.

Molotov CocktailEdit

First used by the Finnish against the Russians during the Russo-Finnish War (Also known as the Winter War), the Molotov Cocktail is the first explosive used in game, and is the most common explosive in the whole game, its only other explosive being the hand grenade and the C4. It works fairly well, able to burn enemies (as well as the player if he is caught in its flame) to death with 1-2 Molotov's. It is only used by the player and one Freedom Fighter during the opening invasion of Governor's Island.  The total number of molotov cocktails carried at a time is 10.

Heavy Machine GunEdit

This Heavy Machine Gun is ideal for taking down large amounts of Soviet troops. It holds up to 300 rounds in a drum magazine and resembles an PKM machine gun. It is only used by the player, armored Russian soldiers, and two former soviet soldier in Liberty Island, although it can be seen in the hands of three Freedom Fighters in a cut scene of the American invasion of Governors' Island.

RPG 7V (Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher)Edit

This is the ideal weapon to take out Soviet helicopters and MBTs. The maximum capacity is 10 rockets. It resembles the RPG 7. Only the player and a few Soviet footsoldiers are able to use it.

Sniper RifleEdit

This is the perfect long range weapon to take down Soviet soldiers from afar, but Soviet snipers have the same ability. The rifle is very deadly against normal soliders, but advanced enemies will need 2-3 hits to be killed. It resembles the SVDS, an improved model of the SVD. The sniper rifle sports an adjustable zoom scope, has a 7-round magazine and a carrying capacity of 30 rounds. Only the player and Soviet marksmen are able to use it.

Combat ShotgunEdit


The strongest weapon in the game, the Combat Shotgun has a magazine of 8 shells and a maximum carrying capacity of 80 shells. Its weapon spread is the highest in the game, reducing accuracy greatly with range. The weapon is the first two handed weapon the player can get from his sewer base. Both the player and rebels use it. Only Soviet officers are seen with it, though occasionally a Soviet soldier can be seen with it too. It is modeled off the SPAS-12 shotgun.

Sub Machine GunEdit

One of the most powerful and fastest weapons in the game, the SMG is very good at close range, but its usability decreases the further away the enemies are, even against medium range targets. The best tactic is quick and short bursts of 5 to 7 rounds. The weapon looks and sounds like the Bizon-II, yet unlike the 64 round drum magazine the Bizon-II has, the SMG only has a 40 round magazine, this does not match any RL counter-part, as even the 9x19mm variant, it has a 55-round magazine. The player, Soviet commandos, and a few Soviet footsoldiers and rebels use it.

Hand GrenadeEdit

The Hand Grenade is the other explosive you get, it blows up after 3-5 seconds. This makes it useful to make enemies come out of their hiding place, but is useless at mostly blowing them up.


The C4 is a very useful weapon, however its only purpose is in demolitions objectives.  These targets include, yet are not limited to helipads, bridges, and generators.  You can carry only 4 on your person.


The Medkit is your life-giver, it is your angel, it is your immortality, your- you get it. Unfortunately you only get 8 of these, so use your nine lives wisely... until you find more.

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