Lenin, Soviet Union

The Soviet flags and founder.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR is the largest political entity in the Freedom Fighters world.

In 1917, following the Russian Revolution, the collapse of the Tzarist Regime to the Hands of the Russian Empire's citizens, led by Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924). After the Russian civil war the several then divided fifteen Russian states formed a communist empire composing of millions of people.

During the Second World War (1939-1945), when German 'Furher Directive 21' or Operation Barebarossa, the Nazi invasion of the USSR caused all-out war between the Soviets and the Nazis led to many bloody battles like the Battle of Stalingrad, 'Stalin's city', named after Josef Stalin (1878-1953) which led to the Nazis defeated and the unstoppable Soviet advance towards Germany, and eventually Berlin, which in 1945, was destoryed by a Soviet nuclear weapon, leading to the Nazi surrender to the Soviets.

In the years between 1945 to 1953 most nations had similar revolutions and later joined the USSR and by 1953, Great Britain, an always known to be a democracy reluctantly agreed to join the Soviet Union, allowing the 'iron curtain', the line dividing the Democratic West and the Communist East was extended all across Europe and most of Asia, the Middle East, and South America, the Soviets entered a cold war period in power and weaponry between them and the USA.

In the beginning of the 21st Century, the USSR became the world largeous communist empire. They had enough with the capitalism regime and they want to destroy it by invading the United States. After a discussion in the Supreme Red Council, the General Secretary and Supreme President of the Soviet Unions decides to launch a massive attack on New York City and they will attack Washington after successfully invade the Big Apple.

In the 21st Century the Soviets began to invade and occupy the United States, but they met with feirce resistance from the Manhattan Resistance and the defending United States Military, and were ultimately repelled by the devotion of the Americans.

There is currently an ongoing war between the Red Army and the American Resistance.....

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Known Member Republics Edit

Russian SFSR

Ukranian SSR

Armenian SSR

Estonian SSR

Uzbekistanian SSR

Georgian SSR

Lithuanian SSR

Kazakh SSR

Tajik SSR

Turkmen SSR

Kirghiz SSR

Byelorussian SSR

Azerbaijan SSR

Moldavian SSR

Latvian SSR